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A huge surprise feature in FIFA 17
10/03/2016 10:52
The release of FIFA 17 is still more than seven months out but there have been some real interesting development about a new feature that the developers will be adding to the game.
EA Sports have hinted that they have taken accord of the greatest FIFA 17 poll about new leagues that the fans want. Over two million people have taken their time to vote their most wished league for the next FIFA game and the results are amazing.
Israeli League and Turkish Second Division come close to the first place which means that these two teams could be added in the upcoming release. It would be a surprise for everyone since this will be the first time EA have actually considered looking into public polls.
However, Chinese Super League also stands a chance to be placed in the FIFA 17 Leagues. A ton of new high profile player have just moved to China in the previous transfer window. It spiked up a lot of speculation about if EA are going to consider adding Chinese League.
Adding CSL could be a major market expansion of the FIFA franchise. This could be a deciding factor between adding a league from China, where there is tons of potential new customers OR from Israeli where the ripped off version sells more than the original ones.